Welcome to the MLO Writing Sprint 2015!

During Academic Book Week, colleagues in Modern Languages in Liverpool are coordinating a Writing Sprint which draws together experts in Modern Languages from around the UK and beyond. The Writing Sprint will be focussed around the key topic of Modern Languages and the Digital, and will explore how digital technologies are changing the shape of Modern Languages research and publishing. As a rolling dialogue between academics, the Writing Sprint will allow for new ways of thinking about the content of what is written and about the process of writing itself, as new ways of thinking through the peer review process and the writing process take place.

Launched at the start of the week, on Monday 9 November, the Writing Sprint begins with seven commissioned pieces of c.500 words from experts in their field who address a particular question within the overall topic. During the week, respondents to each question will dialogue with each piece, nuance it, and shape the debate. By the end of the week, a finalized book chapter will have emerged, which will subsequently be published on Liverpool University Press’s MLO platform.

During the week, check out this blog to see how an academic chapter takes shape. You can also submit comments yourself, although please note comments will be moderated before being published.

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